The Podcast You Need

You may have noticed that the podcast Stefan Lear’s Slaughter House is missing, and you might be wondering just what the hell is going on. So an explanation is in order here I think. Here is a list of things that are changing.

  • The podcast is being rebranded to “The Slaughter House”
  • There will be a new logo – I think you’ll love it!
  • All of the artwork for each episode will be more consistent
  • I’m upgrading the equipment I use for reecording
  • My workflow for production is changing slightly so that a video channel can be included easily

Until the improved podcast is up and running, here are some tracks from the previous podcast for you to enjoy.

The Sweetest Tonge Has The Sharpest Tooth

© JN Moon

Alethia Phrikodas

© H.P. Lovecraft


© Dale Drake