Sleeping In Sanctuary

A while ago a dear friend passed away. No one knows why. There wasn’t an investigation or an autopsy to determine a cause. But that’s the what Son’s mother wanted. She only wanted people to remember her child with all the vivaciousness and zest he had for life while he lived. But I remember the…

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More Going On Than A Thanosnap

These last three months have kicked my ass! I was more exhausted than The Avengers after Endgame. I didn’t have to fight any Mad Titans, but life was pretty damn hectic. Let me tell ya about boxed sets. If you ever join one, you will be pushed to your limits of endurance. I was. All…

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The countdown to launch!

Souls & Shadows will be launching on all bookstores soon. If you haven’t made your preorder, go get it now! If you have preordered, then you have very little time to wait till you can read these amazing stories. Everybody shout YEAH!


I did another thing, people. I know you enjoy audiobooks, so I set up an account on Soundcloud where you can go and listen to samples of currently released and upcoming books. The first fifteen minutes of the Accidental Wizard audiobook is available, as is the foreword to the upcoming novel The Cerberus Slayer. You…

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