More Going On Than A Thanosnap

These last three months have kicked my ass! I was more exhausted than The Avengers after Endgame. I didn’t have to fight any Mad Titans, but life was pretty damn hectic.

Let me tell ya about boxed sets. If you ever join one, you will be pushed to your limits of endurance. I was. All the scheduling, the posting, the begging and pleading…it gets to ya. And I’m not a begging kind of MF. You’ll end up wanting to strangle set-mates that just sit on their hands with their thumbs up their butt while a core group gets all the shit done. But ya know what? That’s what we did. The core players, The Sharks Club, rose to the challenge, invested significant time and money, and saved the set from certain failure. But the final outcome was worth it!

The Sharks made this happen!

That was a personal goal of mine, a challenge I took on willingly. So I celebrated on Wednesday July 24th, 2019 that I am now a bestselling author.

I’ve also been putting together a project on Patreon. It’s a thirty [yes, that said 30] novella series. I’m inviting everyone to get involved in the project. It’s called The Carrion Chronicles, and is set in a Apocalypse/Post Apocalypse world. I’m writing the intro to the story now, but if you want to contribute your ideas to the stories, you can sign up to be a patron. Just follow that little link down below.

Become a Patron!

And finally, I’ve started a new podcast to showcase new and established authors. All I do is enjoy some bourbon, read you a story, and everyone’s happy. If there’s a place to buy the books of the author, I’ll let ya know that too.

Here’s where you can listen to the darkness over the air.

That about wraps it up for now. In the next post I’ll go a little more in-depth about our run for USA Today Bestseller list and what made it so epic.

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