Boxed Set – GO!

So here’s the deal. I’m not a traditionally published author. Unlike having a contract with a traditional publisher where I get 10% (or around that) of the royalties from book sales, I have chosen to go the independent publishing route. No one edits my books for free, no one gives me a book cover for free, and no one advertises for me for free. I pay for all of that myself. I spend anywhere from 800.00 to 3,000.00 per book to get it in your hands. That’s what being an indy author is all about. In return for the money I spend, I get 55% – 70% of the royalties of each book. It’s a fair trade.

Now, every Indy Author dreams of having those famous letters after their author name: “USA Today Bestselling Author”… seriously, those letters are GOLD to an author, especially someone that is new on the scene like me. 
Well, now I have a chance to earn those letters, and have joined the company of some amazing authors to make that happen. I was invited to join a boxed set, Souls & Shadows, that is being run by my best friend Heather Marie Adkins. Seriously, this is like having a Phd after your name if you’re a psychologist. It’s that big of a deal.
With all that said, I’m asking you to preorder this set. Your preorder helps turn my dream into a reality and I get to use those magical letters after my name on every single book I sell after this. 

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