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    The Accidental Wizard Series

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The Cauldron

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Strawberry Fields

“Let me take you down‘Cause I’m going to Strawberry FieldsNothing is realAnd nothing to get hung aboutStrawberry Fields forever” So sung the Beatles. Boys and girls, they were singing about a gorgeous red-headed woman. And I had a strawberry fields experience. It happened tonight at a gas station. She was dressed in black. I put

Sleeping In Sanctuary

A while ago a dear friend passed away. No one knows why. There wasn’t an investigation or an autopsy to determine a cause. But that’s the what Son’s mother wanted. She only wanted people to remember her child with all the vivaciousness and zest he had for life while he lived. But I remember the

More Going On Than A Thanosnap

These last three months have kicked my ass! I was more exhausted than The Avengers after Endgame. I didn’t have to fight any Mad Titans, but life was pretty damn hectic. Let me tell ya about boxed sets. If you ever join one, you will be pushed to your limits of endurance. I was. All

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Stefan Lear

The stories that I create are dark in nature. Foolhardiness is now mixed with that love of the grotesque and the terrible which has made my career a series of quests for strange horrors in literature and in life. I live in the shadows of the land between dark and light. Without light, there is no darkness, and without you I can't be me. So grab one of my books, sit back, and let's play. Your demons are welcome in my hell.


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Inventive and imaginative tale. I like how much it differed from every other "didn't know I was magic" story out there. This tale fills us in on who and what the main character is - his backstory if you will - and sets up for an excellent trilogy to come.



I loved this book with a passion. It’s a very quick read but the stories will make you think. I had to go back and reread them, and boy are they good. How hard must it be to boil down a whole plot to just 100 words. These talented authors accomplish it. There are many stories. Some will make you fear marriage or love. Others, the shadows. While some show the darkest of the dark: human nature. There's a piece perfect for Halloween and another one that will make you see Santa Claus in a different light. Some are gross and others have a great, if twisted sense of humor.



All the author's did an amazing job. Reanimated Rumble was awesome idea ever!!! 16 great author's teamed up for a contest, a small little fun Battle. It was so hard to chose who wins each story! And the best thing we had no clue who the Author​​ was during the votes. I hope they do a rumble again in the future! Karma Kills by Stefan Lear 📖 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hang Em High, Bury Em Deep by Stefan Lear 📖 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐